Web designing for Hospitals/Groups/ Practices & Individuals
Database Creation Entry & Maintenance
Files, X-Ray films and Notes archiving
Electronic patient records
Legal and other professional transcriptions
Software solutions for database conflicts
Secretarial Services
Medical & Professional Billing
E-publishing : The modern way to write, read, analyse and source materials.

The E-publishing division specialises in Ebooks, Typesetting, Archiving and Online publishing.

The division, with its state of the art infrastructure and experienced professionals, offers you the best quality E-publishing services.

Artwork Reproduction - Reproduce any image to the required format with best quality using artwork softwares.
CD-ROM publication - Converting books and journals on Paper or any other format to CD-ROM

Typesetting Software:
Page Maker
MS Word

Data Conversion:
Quark to SGML/XML for weekly and monthly science journals
TeX to XML
Quark to XML, HTML, SGML
Creation of Word templates, XML DTD, XSL
Keyboarding to XML
Any format to Gemstar/Franklin/PalmOS

Quality is ensured at all the stages of production by adhering to strict in-house quality process and publisher-specific guidelines.