Web designing for Hospitals/Groups/ Practices & Individuals
Database Creation Entry & Maintenance
Files, X-Ray films and Notes archiving
Electronic patient records
Legal and other professional transcriptions
Software solutions for database conflicts
Secretarial Services
Medical & Professional Billing
“In Today’s World of Tighter Deadlines, People Need to Work Smarter, not Harder.”

We at SNAP International firmly believe our motto, and help all our clients to achieve this with investing our modern technical resources with our clients. SNAP International was the first company to bring outsourcing digital transcription to the UK. Having entered the field of transcription, it has rapidly expanded to many other allied information technology fields. Currently, we have around 300 medical practitioners using our services and would invite you to look at our customer satisfaction questionnaire just released.

SNAP International is a UK Limited Company owned and managed by highly qualified professionals in the industry. Unlike other transcription services, SNAP International has its own workshop in India, thus controlling every product from conception to delivery.

It is backed by multinational companies who are parent shareholders, and thus continuation of its business is guaranteed for the convenience of our customers.

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